Simple Programmer Blogging email course

So a little bit ago I signed up for the free blogging course John at is offering. I'll give you a sign up link at the end. I already had this blog but soon realized I needed a theme and a goal to get me on the right track.

What is it

The course is by email so twice a week he emails you a lesson and gives you some homework at the end. He gives some valuable advice from his own experience of starting a blog. Oh and he says that 1,000s of people have signed up for it and are seeing big improvements in their careers.

Do I need it?

Unless you already have a successful blog going I believe you absolutely need it if you want to boost your career. Even if you have a good blog I believe you would find it helpful.

John gets over 3,000 views a day so he definitely knows what he is talking about.

Also he gives some super awesome information on how to quickly get a blog up and going, so there are no excuses like its too hard to get a blog going.

He also talks about consistency which is very important to pick a plan and stick with it.

So definitely go and check it out here, and again this is free so it is a no brainer to just go sign up for it, if you haven't already.

So don't be afraid go sign up today!!

Jeffery Weiler

I'm a .Net developer working with C# doing desktop applications with winforms and wpf. If you enjoy what you are reading subscrbe here.

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Simple Programmer Blogging email course
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