Starting a blog


Well the journey to get started blogging has begun! I knew as a developer I should be doing this for some time now, but I just never quite got around to it. Before finding ghost, I tried a couple things.

  • I tried going with digital ocean and installing wordpress on a Linux server, but things just didn't work great, due to me not knowing much about Linux and wordpress.

  • I also tried going with wpengine which was better for me because they do a great job at managing all kinds of things I don't know about, but I still found wordpress a bit confusing.

So now it looks like ghost is just what I need for me to get started!

Who Am I

I am a .Net developer from Pennsylvania, I use C# at my job along with T-SQL. I am familiar with winforms and also WPF the latter which I enjoy much more. Other things I use at work are Entity Framework, also I enjoy using Dapper as well (which is really fast by the way).

What will I blog about?

Mostly things about .Net specifically C#, things that hopefully will be helpful to someone else, and also hopefully I will learn something as well. As is said you learn something best if you tell other people about it.

Jeffery Weiler

I'm a .Net developer working with C# doing desktop applications with winforms and wpf. If you enjoy what you are reading subscrbe here.

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Starting a blog
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